Botox at the Dentist!?

A lot of folks are still unaware of this fairly new relationship between Botox and dentistry for pain relief. Dentists are experts in the entire myofascial region, including your teeth, gums, jaws, face, head, and neck. Plus, we’re already highly skilled at giving precision and painless injections in these delicate facial areas, and with the help of dental blocks (local anesthetic), we can provide a more comfortable and pain-free experience from the comfort of your dental home. We use Botox to treat chronic pain associated with TMJ dysfunction and may even be able to prevent migraines before they start.

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Botox for Pain Relief

Botox has historically been famous for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes in treating fine lines and wrinkles, and in the field of dentistry, is often used in areas around the mouth. However, there are therapeutic reasons for Botox as well, including pain management and treatment of TMJ dysfunction, or TMD.


By inhibiting the micro muscle contractions that contribute to this pain and tension, Botox can be used effectively for treating and even preventing chronic headaches and migraines, and tooth pain that’s caused by the head and neck muscles. What a relief!

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